Artist Feature: Ana Maria Leonardi, Mother's Day Edition

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Like all things, moms come in many forms. Mama Earth, new moms, foster moms, stepmoms, not-yet moms, dog moms, single moms, plant moms, grandmas, those without moms, should-be moms, grieving moms and everything in between.  Moms of all kinds keep the world patient, loving, growing and moving forward.  Today, we celebrate each and every type of mom, because they all matter to us.

Our “shop mom”, Ana Maria Leonardi, keeps so many things going behind the scenes at Hygge Savannah. For those who aren't familiar, Ana Maria is the shop owner's mom, and her work is sold at Hygge.  Inspiration from her is hidden in plain sight throughout the shop, whether you’ve noticed or not.  We asked Mama Leonardi a few questions this mother’s day about her creative process, what she does for her mental well-being and of course, motherhood. She answered in her native language, Spanish, and we kept the integrity of her answers here, with loose translations to English.




What inspires you?

Me inspira la vida, lo que forma parte de ella. Todo lo que me rodea: formas, colores, aromas y sonidos. 

Life and all that is part of it inspires me. Everything around me, shapes, colors, smells and sounds.

When and where did you start painting?

Comencé a pintar en Caracas, Venezuela, en el año 1969 cuando ingresé para cursar estudios de arte, en la Escuela de Artes Plásticas “Cristobal Rojas”


I started painting in Caracas, Venezuela in the year 1969 when I began my art studies at the School of Visual Art “Cristobal Rojas".

Do you paint every day?

Trato y si no, leo o veo algo relacionado a la pintura o el arte en general.


I try to, but if not, I read or watch something related to painting or art in general.

What mediums do you prefer or use most often?

Prefiero el óleo, aunque me gustan la acuarela, carboncillo y los tiza pastel también.

I prefer oil, even though I also like watercolor, charcoal and chalk pastels.

Are there other creative outlets you have or do you tend to stick to painting?

La cerámica me encanta, la trabajé por varios años y la fotografía.

I love ceramics, and I worked in it for some years, and photography.



What is the most fulfilling thing about being a mother?

El amor que se siente. Es inmenso e incondicional. 

The love that you feel which is immense and unconditional.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received or have to share with new moms?

Que nacemos, con ese hermoso sentimiento e instinto y que nuestros hijos son el más preciado regalo del cielo.

That we are born with that beautiful feeling and instinct and that our children are the most precious gift from heaven.

How does it feel to be the shop’s mom? 

Se siente bien lindo! Mucho amor, admiración por Hygge tan acogedor y lleno de luz como mi Cristi!


It feels great. A lot of love and admiration for Hygge that’s so cozy, welcoming and full of light, just like Cristi!

Tell us about all the different pieces of yours that are for sale at Hygge.

Allí tengo diversidad de piezas, desde óleos y acrílicos hasta acuarelas de marinas, marshes, flores. Cuadros de formato grande y medianos, bookmarks y mini acuarelas. En fin una gran variedad.

I have a lot of pieces, from oils to acrylics, to watercolors of marinas, marshes and flowers. Small, medium and large paintings, bookmarks and mini watercolors. Overall, a wide variety


We're focusing this month on taking care of our minds. What do you do in your daily life or what kinds of things bring you joy?

Lo primero que hago es mirar por la ventana, soy afortunada de estar rodeada de árboles y me gusta observar sus cambios durante cada estación. Cada cambio tiene su encanto, su belleza. Eso me alegra el día!

The first thing I do is look out the window. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by trees and I like to observe the season’s changing. Every change has its charm and beauty. The small moments brighten my day.

What other tools do you rely on when navigating difficult moments in life?

Otras herramientas además del arte, para mi la oración o la meditación; la simple observación de cosas sencillas que nos rodean y pasan desapercibidas.

Besides art, prayer or meditation, simple observation of small things that surround us and usually go unnoticed.

What do you see differently from one generation to the next in regards to caring for our mental wellbeing?

Las nuevas generaciones, con toda la tecnología actual, tienen en sus manos herramientas muy valiosas para el desarrollo de la creatividad. El arte, en todas las generaciones, ha aportado salud mental al ser humano.


The new generations with all current technology, have a lot of value and creative development in their hands. Art, in all generations, has supported mental health of humans.


You can follow Ana Maria Leonardi on Instagram and visit the local section of the shop's website to purchase her pieces. 

P.S. They make a perfect mother's day gift, and you'll want to snag a watercolor bookmark in time for our May Reading List coming up this week!

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