Cristina's Fall Favorites

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Fall is special.  We’re not sure if it’s the bright orange of the pumpkins that pop up, or the slight crisp in the air, or the fact that it's the birthday season of our sweet shop owner, Cristina! Though we believe that cozy season is year-round, we can’t help but feel extra special for all-things autumn.  

We rounded up some of Cristina’s shop favorites and a few of her favorite things. We hope you can add a little bit of her hyggeligt wisdom to your cozy fall, self-care recipe. 

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From the Shop

1. If you haven’t incorporated tea into your routine, we can’t quite relate, but we can help you get started. Cristina’s favorite is the specially-curated Hygge blend from local favorite, Hale Tea Co.  Notes of bergamot, cardamom and vanilla are the perfect recipe to stir up some cozy inside your soul.

2. A tried-and-true favorite of Cristina’s is Lauren’s All Purpose Salve, a soft and dreamy elixir that can cure any dry skin and has tons of uses.  Dab it on your cheeks for that glow, swipe it on your lashes for growth, whatever you like!  Personally, we’d like to take a bath in this stuff, but for now, a tiny jar will do.

3. We’re wondering if anyone doesn’t have anxiety in 2021? We’d like to meet them.  In the meantime, Cristina loves this Anxiety Ally blend from Wooden Spoon Herbs that you can take on its own or sneak it into a cup of coffee. You could also pop on your rose-colored glasses to get through the rest of the year too. As the saying goes, we’re all just walking each other home.

4. And if a tincture doesn’t do it, we know just the trick. Cristina loves this Fine & Raw chocolate hazelnut butter spread for dipping almost anything into, or eating directly from the jar.  This delicious spread will have you feeling like it’s your birthday too!  Grab one for yourself or as a gift for a loved one to let them know how darn sweet they are.

5. We love what scents can do to put us right at ease, and Hygge’s incense bundles are some of Cristina’s favorites for getting in a quiet moment. We invite you to press the pause button on school schedules, work deadlines and even holiday decorating, to find your comfy seat and burn, baby, burn (safely, of course).  There’s an entire section on the website for the mecca of hygge pastimes, Candles & Incense. Or hop on over to our previous post, Making Scents with Meg Shuba Yoga for some guidance on essential oils.  

A Few of Cristina’s Favorite Things

Morning or night person?
Night. I so badly want to be a morning person, I love the quiet of the morning.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee, with a little oat milk.

Ideal hygge day?
Slow morning, which includes taking my dog, Atlas, to Forsyth Park and coffee somewhere local (shout-out to the lavender mocha latte at Collins Quarter).  I’d have no set plans, but would take my time reading a good book and maybe catch up with a friend over a good meal.

Humans or dogs?
Dogs. If I could live on a farm with animals, I’d be very content.

Favorite color?
Natural tones, greens for serenity, blues and cream is a color I wear often. Blending in is nice.

Favorite morning ritual?
Writing down three things I’m grateful for. Oh, and not looking at my phone. I used to pick it up first thing, but I try to either read or just sit.

Childhood hobby?
I would go into my room, lock the door and create little gifts for my parents (cards, scrapbooks, etc.). I would spend hours making things. My mom was an art teacher so there were always endless materials to play with.

Next vacation?
Spain, perhaps? I did the Camino del Santiago with my parents in 2010, and I wish I could do that once a year. You’re completely removed from technology and the outside world. It changed the way I look at life.

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