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Living Lighter with Lite Foot Company

Posted by Monica Feakes on

Living Lighter with Lite Foot Company

Katie Rodgers-Hubbard is thinking about taking care of our community too and earlier this year, launched Lite Foot Company (LFC) after five years of navigating her own sustainability journey. I was able to chat with Katie this week in advance of her first pop-up in the courtyard at Hygge on Saturday, April 17th from 1 - 4 p.m.

LFC is your one-stop shop in Savannah (and will be going mobile this summer) for everything you need to survive that typically comes in a plastic bottle.  Katies offerings include a refilling station with about twenty different liquid options (household cleaners, bath products), a variety of other sustainable swaps and even a subscription box to make it easier for those that have no clue where to start.

If you don’t think your individual choices are making a difference, you have more power than you realize. According to United Nations, approximately 70% of total global emissions are from personal purchasing decisions.


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