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Welcome to the shop’s little journal. Whether you live locally in Savannah, Georgia, or you’re visiting us from afar, we’re so happy you’re here! The concept of hygge is largely based on cultivating community, and the quality of our experiences. There’s a reason why the Danes have been called the happiest people in the world (although I’m sure that’s an unsustainable motto to live by). But what if they're onto something?

 Research shows that a sense of community, and engaging interactions with others (even those we don’t know very well), improve our happiness and well-being. For the past two and a half years, Hygge Savannah has been a mini oasis in the garden on Broad and Broughton - a place where people can interact, know they are supporting local businesses, and feel at home.

So, we’re taking on the virtual community. You'll learn more about us in the coming days. And if any of the following teasers resonates with you--plants, animals, books, sustainable living, bath, friendship, community--you'll want to come back for more. We hope you enjoy this complimentary content and join us as we grow by subscribing with your email address at the bottom of the homepage.


While you’re here, shop Hygge Savannah online or by visiting us in person at 600 E. Broughton Street, Savannah, Georgia

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  • Very excited for this. Thank you for opening up this resource!

    Katie on
  • I love that you’re reaching out to the community in this way. ☺️

    Lindsey on
  • I’m in love with this!!!

    Madi Walsh on
  • Very interested in what you’ll be posting here! HYGGE is a lovely place.

    Emily Hinners on
  • Beautiful Store !!!

    Johanna Alburguez on
  • Love this !!!

    Ana María Leonardi on

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