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Cuff, Halo
Cuff, Halo

Cuff, Halo

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The ethereal Halo Cuff is familiar, yet not of this time. There is something spacey about it. Handmade with .925 Sterling Silver.

Tatiana Cabral Smith’s Handmade Jewelry is deeply influenced by her vibrant family, unique life experiences, and commitment to helping others. Having grown up in both the South Bronx and Florida, Tatiana seamlessly weaves the modern linear structure of the ever inspiring NYC skyline with the vivacious sensibility of Miami’s cherished art deco architecture into her jewelry designs. Her collections are bold, classic and whimsical. 

Tatiana’s passion for helping other’s prompted her to pursue her graduate degree in Counseling. Once she acquired her degree, she focused her expertise on Social Work. Through on-ground experience, Tatiana, has developed a keen understanding of the importance of grassroots initiatives and empowering individuals with the tools for self-care. Her high regard for education, has led Tatiana to counseling in a college setting. She provides students with counseling, enabling each one to discover their strengths. Her guidance not only helps them navigate through their education but provides them with the skills to pilot their life’s path with compassion, confidence, and a creative spirit. 

Being of service to others is vital to Tatiana, her TCS Jewelry Line is a direct extension of her desire to provide other’s with comfort, joy and a one-of-a-kind piece of art. 

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