Natural Laundry Soap Berries

Natural Laundry Soap Berries

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We've already added wool dryer balls to our laundry routine to replace dryer sheets and decided it was time to look at detergents. These Soap Berries are a natural way to clean your laundry. They have naturally occurring saponin, a soap like compound that cleans more gently than other detergents.

Why use them? They have a very small eco footprint, can be used multiple times, are not scented, and are great for sensitive skin.

How to use them? Soap berries are best used in hot water, but can be used cold. Just throw 5 berries in a small cotton bag and toss in with laundry. Don't dry, just throw them back in the washer for the next load. Use that bag 5-6 times before replacing the berries.

All berries are 100% USDA Organic and are shells only (seeds will cause discoloration).