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Care Package for Him

Care Package for Him

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  • This water-activated blend of natural clays and charcoal acts like a sponge for impurities and toxins.

  • The tamer's revitalizing peppermint and juniper scent is only the beginning of your friendship; while shaping your beard and hair, it also nourishes, containing the same blend of oils we use in our award-winning grooming oil. Sharing the tin are beeswax and shea butter, for a reworkable, conditioning hold.

  • Room spray scented with everyone's favorite earthy-yet-freshly herbal forest scent... You spray it in rooms to make them smell nice. You can spray it on other things, and they’ll smell nice too. You could spray it on yourself. You could spray it on someone else, but you should probably ask first. Everyone's favorite earthy-yet-freshly herbal forest scent.

  • Tea Tree & Charcoal soap. Vegan and free of fragrance oils. This is a true, handmade, cold process soap. Real soap-soap, to clean-clean.
  • Eating can be tough when you're feeling anxious or depressed in these uncertain times. Pocket Panic Vol. 2 contains tips for what to eat.

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