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Happy Little Things Care Package

Happy Little Things Care Package

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  • An ultra-hydrating un-tinted lip balm that gives lips a shiny hydrated look. All of the ingredients are plant based and selected for their protective and hydrating qualities. Cacao and Mango butters make the lip balm smoother, thicker and longer lasting.
  • Cream blush stick in "Bloom" goes on smooth with a nice light powdery finish. Gives cheeks a light fresh rosy hue. Pomegranate seed & Red Raspberry oil are absorbed easily by the skin and help with moisture loss, keeping skin hydrated. 
  • Tie-knot headband
  • A wonderfully cozy, complex, mineral tea that tastes as good as it smells. Steep it light to tease the minty notes or leave the bag in the cup to release the deeper earthy tones. If you are feeling the party, add some bourbon to make a Juniper Ridge mint julep. Try over ice for a perfect summer tea.
  • A blend of pure solar evaporated (quartz charged) sea salt, epsom salt, bio-dynamic (organic) honey and the essential oils of mandarin, cocoa and jasmine. Intended to calm and center the spirit, allowing for relaxation and insight.

  • A gentle exfoliating mask for radiant, glowing skin. Made with rose essential oils to soothe skin and calm inflammation. Each package contains two masks.

  • Bathing in tea postcard print 

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