Garden Kneeling Pad

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A good garden kneeling pad is one of those underrated tools that can completely transform the garden experience and how we feel at the end of a session of pulling up weeds. It’s hard not to notice, however, that many of the options out there for keeping your knees comfortable and dry do not check the boxes of sustainability (or aesthetics).

Echoview Fiber Mill created this waxed cotton canvas Kneeling Pad for keeping your knees cushioned and dry. The 100% cotton fabric is waxed (non-petroleum based wax) to help it resist moisture and dirt, and is stuffed with a blend of alpaca and wool that will give your patellas plenty of support. The attached handle makes the cushion easy to tote around the yard and hang up on a hook alongside your other gardening essentials. 

Made in the USA at Echoview Fiber Mill

L 19” x W 9.5” x H 3”