Loving Laundry Bundle

Loving Laundry Bundle

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Thoughtfully written by Echoview’s founder, Julie Jensen, and illustrated by Alden Roberts, this sweet guide is a quick deep dive into the world of sustainable laundry. A large part of the environmental impact of clothing occurs after we have brought it home, wear and wash it, and then (usually) when it finds its way to the landfill. We compiled this guide to help us all collectively reframe our mindset about how we can do laundry in a way that will help to ease our impact on the world.

Soap Berries are a natural way to clean your laundry. They have naturally occurring saponin, a soap like compound that cleans more gently than other detergents.They have a very small eco footprint, can be used multiple times, are not scented, and are great for sensitive skin.

Set of 3 XL wool dryer balls. Wool balls are an eco-friendly, natural fabric softener and decrease dry time. Before use, add a few drops of essential oils to each ball for naturally-scented linens. Good for 1000+ loads.

An Adorable heart wool dryer ball. Handmade in Savannah with love. 
A beautiful Eucalyptus + Lavender essential oil blend.