Please Play Nice Playing Card

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Always PLAY NICE (please) playing cards! This deck of cards was designed with an overall theme of community and being kind to one another, with a little tiki flair (because tropical things make us happy).

Deck of cards includes two Joker cards, a dog and a cat (which are the only two cards based on real beings); Queens who each hold a tropical flower; and Jacks who hold tropical leaves. The Kings (including one female King) ditched their swords or axes and instead each hold up a different positive hand signal (peace sign, thumbs up, a-ok, & fingers crossed for good luck). Comes in matte box with gold foil detailing.

Our hope is for you to use these cards while spending some quality time with your friends or family. If this deck is a tiny part of the time you spend laughing and enjoying the company of those around you while having FUN, then there is nothing more we could ask for.

Please enjoy and remember to always play nice (please)!