Reusable Cotton Face Mask, Mauve

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It is recommended and in some cities, required, to wear a face-covering whenever leaving home. A reusable cotton mask is great for daily use helps to protect ourselves and others. Cotton masks are breathable and long-lasting - it’s important to wear and care for your mask correctly to help prevent the spread of disease.

Cloth masks are great alternatives to N95 and surgical masks as these are in short supply and are needed by healthcare workers and first responders.

All masks are made with 100% cotton, including the straps, and are double layered with pleats. This makes it easier to wash and withstand high heat and many wash cycles.



  • Machine wash or hand wash in hot water with detergent

  • Dry on high heat or hang to dry in the sun

  • Wash your mask when you receive it, before wearing

  • Masks should be washed daily


Some best practices to keep in mind while wearing your mask:

  • Wash your hands before and after using your mask

  • Make sure your mask is covering your nose and mouth and is snug on your face

  • Avoid touching your face while your mask is on

  • Partake in social distancing and stay home unless you are performing essential tasks outside your home