Small Rope Bowl

Small Rope Bowl

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Size Bowl

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Constructed of solid 100% cotton rope, the perfect size for keys, fruit, or a small plant!


  • 4" Base

  • 6-7" Diameter

  • 4'5" Tall

Lindsey founded The Northern Market when she was 15 years old. Passionate about textiles and sculpting, she was drawn to art that didn’t feel like art, not painting, nor drawing. She enjoys the meditative process of sewing, but only when she's sewing something that has a true purpose. NM vessels are not made to be used once or twice, or simply hung on a wall. They are made to be functional, purposeful, and last a lifetime.

Baskets can be made of many materials, but choosing cotton as her medium has provided a blank canvas of possibilities in form, color, and purpose. Her cotton rope is spun from recycled cotton. For color, rope is stitched with colored thread or is hand-dyed by Eco Raw Studio in Cincinnati.

Spot clean as needed with a colorless soap, cold/lukewarm water, and a soft brush or rag. Be gentle on the stitching if you are scrubbing. Air dry flat or with towels stuffed in the basket to maintain shape.