Watercolor Dot Cards

Watercolor Dot Cards

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Plastic free paints, lightfast pigments, wildflower honey handmade watercolors paints, 100% indigenous female entrepreneurship. Truly a joy to paint with, from thick stripes to fine washes and details, quality is evident in every stroke.

These dot cards come with samples of 13 beautiful colors:

Niibin Giizis’aande-Summer Sun Red-Pr 170

Mskwi'aande-Iron Red-Pr 101

Kosmaan-Pumpkin-Pr 170-PY74

Kizheb’aande- Morning Peach-ochre pw6


Dwaagi aadzibuk’aande-Fall Poplar Yellow-PY74

Ziigwun’aande-Spring Green- PY74, pb 15.1

Mtigwaakiin-Boreal Green- PG7

Piitchi waawnun’aande-Robin’s Egg Blue- PG7, PW6

Gchigaaming’aande-Great Ocean- PB29

Prussian Blue-PB27

Mayan Indigo

Classic Gold